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I’m Janet Wickers, the globetrotting influencer whose wanderlust knows no bounds. Through captivating social media, I share my passion for travel, immersing myself in the world’s beauty, culture, and adventure. From hiking in Costa Rican jungles to savoring Bangkok’s street delights, I aim to inspire followers to explore.

Affiliated with Jifu and DreamTrips, I can help to turn dream vacations into reality. Follow me for exclusive insights and curated journeys, and let me take you on an unforgettable adventure across the globe.

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Dream Trips International

What is a DreamTrip?

Great question! It’s your “vacation of a lifetime” and so much more. Imagine carefully curated, unique experiences at iconic destinations around the world.

Imagine creating memories you once thought would reside solely in your mind. Imagine all the intricate details of your fantasy trip planned in advance for you and, upon arrival, greeted by a host who will navigate the entire experience with you from beginning to end.

Finally, imagine all of that at a price that is almost unbelievable. Starting to get the picture? Well, that’s a DreamTrip!
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Our JIFU travel portals gives you access to our massive database of resorts and hotels. The same ones you find on other travel sites except with up to a 75% discount!*

But theres more than that, you can also book cruises, rental cars, activities, flights and concierge services at a huge discount. All while earning credits that can be used on even more adventure!

With unlimited destinations, and exclusive value, JIFU is the secret to getting the best deals on travel. *Average Savings of 33 – 44% off of Hotel Stays when compared to Expedia, Priceline & other travel sites.
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Join the elite world of DreamTrips International, the most renowned vacation lifestyle club across 40+ countries.

As a member, explore the globe through a private online portal, just like me.

Discover breathtaking destinations and culture, while potentially earning extra income by sharing the gift of travel memberships. My journey exemplifies the boundless possibilities. Start your own adventure today, and unlock a world of travel, companionship, and financial rewards with us.

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People ask us all the time “are the savings real?”

We got tired of answering so we decided to offer an unlimited 1 Year free trial, so people can login to the JIFU Travel Portal and see for themselves. During that time, you can travel as much as you want!

As a trial member, you will see half of the discount of a paid member. For example, if you see a savings on a particular hotel is 23% while on your trial, that same hotel would be 46% off as a full member.

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